Patients' Rights

A patient is a person who receives healthcare services. Patients shall have the following rights:
  • Easy access to registration/help desk to get registered and be guided to the respective services as per requirements
  • Special arrangements for elderly people and disabled to have easy access to required health services
  • Personal health information to be kept secure and confidential
  • Access his own medical records, including but not limited to, comprehensive medical history, Examination(s), Investigations(s) and treatment along with the progress notes, and obtain copies thereof
  • Not to be discriminated against because of age, disability, gender, marriage, pregnancy, maternity, race, religion, cultural beliefs, color, caste and/or creed
  • Expect that any care and/or treatment being received is provided by duly qualified and experienced staff
  • Receive emergency healthcare, unconditionally. However, once the emergency has been dealt with, he may be discharged or referred to another healthcare establishment (emergency requiring healthcare, is a situation threatening immediate danger to life2 or severe irreversible disability, if healthcare is not provided urgently)
  • Be made aware of procedures for complaints and resolution of disputes and conflicts
  • File a written complaint to the concerned healthcare service provider, official of the healthcare established or such other organization/person, as the case may be and be associated throughout the progress of the complaint and its outcome
  • Seek compensation if he has harmed by, including but not limited to maladministration, malpractice, negligent treatment, or failure on the part of a healthcare service provider or any staff/employee or other rendering services at the healthcare establishment
  • Be informed and to refuse to participate in research, or any project dealings with his disease, care and treatment
  • Be informed as early as possible regarding cancellation and/or postponement of any appointment, surgery, procedure, treatment or meeting, as the case may be
  • Be made aware of the costs, fee and/or expenses, prior to the consultation, treatment or other services, and/or operation/procedure, as the case may be, and receive payment receipt(s) for the same
  • Be given written instructions regarding his treatment, including instructions at the time of discharge