Our Hospital is the only Secondary Level Healthcare Facility for the people here. The workload of THQ is more than most of the DHQ Hospitals of Punjab as it is second highest in terms of OPD, Emergency, indoor, and number of Surgeries in Rawalpindi District. The Sanctioned strength of our Hospital is 82 Beds. Currently this Health Facility is providing Services of 20000 + OPD patients, 800 + Emergency patients and 700 + Indoor patients.

  • Established on present site 1994
  • Upgraded to 82 Beds in 2018
  • Total number of Beds: 82
  • Total area inside boundary: 392,040 Sq. ft 
  • Covered Area: 261,360 Sq. ft 
  • Uncovered Area: 130,680 Sq. ft 
  • Residential Area : 174,240 Sq. ft 
  • Hospital Area : 217,800 Sq. ft 
  • OPD Block: 11,193 Sq. ft
  • Indoor Block: 19409 Sq. ft

The major challenge for Primary & Secondary Health Department is to boost the confidence of general public in the primary health care system. The reality is that most of the institutions at secondary level are not currently providing health care services up to the desired level, owing to multiple factors including large patient influx, scarcity of resources, human resource deficiency and non-functional equipment. Due to lack of planning and monitoring, the past efforts did not conclude in the shape of integrated health care regime rather these have resulted in haphazard construction, poor maintenance, lack of basic facilities, absence of waiting areas and shabby outlook.

Our Mission

"صحت کی معیاری سہولیات وقار، جزبےاور احترام کے ساتھ "

"Health Standard facilities With Dignity, Attituide and Respect"

Our Vision

"عمدہ خدمات"

"Services to Excellence"