Frequently Asked Questions

What is OPD Timing in Hospital? Top
There are One OPD shift at THQ Hospital Murree. Morning Shift starts @ 8:00 AM and concludes @2:00 PM.  
Is CT Scan Service available at Hospital? Top
What is ECG Fee? Top
No fee  
Does hospital provide Dialysis service to Hepatitis B&C positive patients? Top
Currently, only Hepatitis C positive patients are provided Dialysis service. Dialysis department is to extend in near future, then Hepatitis B patients shall be treated as well.  
Does hospital has Paeds nursery service? Top
Yes, Paeds Nursery is functional in THQ Hospital Murree.  
Does hospital has Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service and ventilators available? Top
Currently No. However, In near future it is in rewamping plan.  
Does hospital has Laparoscopic Surgery Service available? Top
Currently No.  
Does hospital has Digital X-Ray Service available? Top
Currently Not, but installation in progress.  
Does hospital Pathology Lab offers PCR test facility? Top
No, currently the said lab doesnt offer PCR test facility.  
Does hospital offer visit appointment facility in OPD? Top
No, currently, the hospital doesnt offer visit appointment facility in OPD.  
What is procedure for getting first service entry medical fitness certificate? Top
Service entry medical fitness certificate service is online now and you just need to visit with departmental offer order with one latest picture plus CNIC. OPD slip is obtain and candidate visits to doctor. Recomended medical tests if required are performed by the concerned department then visit doctor again. Doctor shall write his recommendations based on test reports on the OPD slip. Candidate shall visit Data Entry operator to generate an online certificate based on doctor recomendations.